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Mike's Platform

— My Mission for the 28th District:

"I am seeking election to the 28th State Senate District to author legislation that makes Virginia safer, to oversee government spending and taxes to promote Virginia’s prosperity, and to rebuild Virginia’s public school system so all children can receive nonpareil educational opportunities designed to propel them into limitless future endeavors. I will adeptly serve and steadfastly represent the citizens of Virginia’s 28th State Senate District with dedication, integrity, passion, energy, and focus. In addition, I will maintain a hyper-vigilant omnipresence throughout the District in order to best exercise and promote open communication lines with all constituents, proactive awareness and recognition of their needs, and continued cultivation of their collective trust."


Mike Allers,

Republican for Virginia Senate District 28

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Virginia education should be second to none. Mike Allers believes that a superior education system is key for the future success of all Virginians. In Mike’s nearly three decades in education, he has come to know that governments' role in education has been very disheartening.  Education should not be at the center of a constant tug of war between the left and right. Schools are the hubs of our community, and we need to ensure that Virginia’s schools are superior institutions staffed by only the most capable, passionate, engaging, and professional teachers and administrators available. Our educators need to be appreciated for the collective positive influence they have on the future of the Commonwealth, and district leaders need to be held accountable for their curriculum, financial, and personnel decisions that may negatively impact the schools they lead.  Virginia’s schools need to embrace Virginia’s  remarkable and unique place in our nation’s history, and champion an approach to instruction that teaches children how to think, not what to think.  Furthermore, we must stand strong against Critical Race Theory and allow the most advanced classes to be taught in Virginia’s schools.


Mike Allers is Pro-Life, which is a reflection of both the teachings of his Faith and his Conservative Values. Life is precious, and should be embraced, protected, and dignified from its very earliest beginnings to its natural conclusion. Mike believes that life is evidence that we are all Blessed by a Benevolent, Loving, and Omnipotent God.



Mike Allers is acutely aware that Virginia, or any state for that matter, cannot tax its way to prosperity.  In fact, restrictive taxes have nearly ruined the American dream, not to mention the dreams of countless Virginians.  Mike came to the Commonwealth over twenty years ago to get away from the blood thirsty tax collectors of New York.  Taxes crippled the Middle Class in New York, and they are chasing the Middle Class, especially young Middle Class families, out of the Commonwealth.  Mike will fight for government accountability in order to reduce taxes.  He will seek to examine the institutions that absorb the greatest amount of tax dollars, and endeavor to remove those that have been placed upon the products and essentials, such as the car and gas taxes, necessary for families to thrive.  Finally, Mike will propose tax incentives for businesses willing to relocate to Virginia in order to provide fertile ground for Virginia’s job markets to grow.


& First Responders

Mike Allers is driven to make Virginia safer, and believes that all Police Agencies and all First Responders deserve our support and admiration. As a former police officer whose career was cut short by a “line of duty” injury, Mike uniquely understands and appreciates the fact that the safety and well being of all Virginians is in the courageous hands of all those who serve. It requires that our Police and First Responders are provided with the best training and the best tools for their trades. We need to make sure that they are job-ready and protected in the course of their jobs. In addition, we need to provide the requisite training and education to best prepare our Police and First Responders to allow them to best serve the Commonwealth’s ever-changing, diverse cultures and communities

2nd Amendment

Mike Allers believes The Second Amendment shall not be infringed, full stop. It is our God given right that keeps our Commonwealth and Nation free from tyranny.  Mike will be a tireless defender of the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding  gun owners across the district. While Democrats in Richmond work to erode our 2A rights, Mike will stand up to Red Flag laws and block any and all efforts to undermine our most fundamental right—the Second Amendment.

Support Mike Allers for Virginia senate!

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