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I am seeking election to the 28th State Senate District to author legislation that makes Virginia safer, to oversee government spending and taxes to promote Virginia’s prosperity, and to rebuild Virginia’s public school system so all children can receive nonpareil educational opportunities designed to propel them into limitless future endeavors. I will adeptly serve and steadfastly represent the citizens of Virginia’s 28th State Senate District with dedication, integrity, passion, energy, and focus. In addition, I will maintain a hyper-vigilant omnipresence throughout the District in order to best exercise and promote open communication lines with all constituents, proactive awareness and recognition of their needs, and continued cultivation of their collective trust.



I am happily married to my Wife of 32 years, Camille, and a Father of three boys- and 3 dogs! I am also proud to be called “Poppy” by my wonderful Grandson. It is because of my family that I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.

"Measure twice, cut once" - George Allers Sr. (my father)

A home is only as strong as the weakest piece of lumber we select to use in its construction. A home with structural integrity is a home that has been built by a capable craftsman. This same credo can be applied to neighborhoods, cities, and our Commonwealth. Are the craftsmen we select to help build our future the most capable? It is my belief that I am truly ready and able. It is my belief that I have indeed been challenged, and measured by the service I have provided throughout my life.


I am the son of George and Janet Allers.  My Dad was a WWII vet, and my Mom worked in a nursing home.  I grew up in an Irish-Catholic Family with strong middle-class, blue collar values that taught me the lessons of hard work and  respect for all people.  It is because of these values that I am Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Education, and Pro Second Amendment. 


As a result of the examples my parents provided, I mowed lawns, shoveled driveways, dug clams, delivered newspapers, banged nails, and countless other jobs like most everyday, hard working Virginians. My Dad and Mom detested debt, and they instilled the same in their children.  They believed that a successful future is built by working hands.


I was brought up to strive for a life of service.  As a young man, I served as a Police Officer on Long Island.  My career was cut short due to an injury and, subsequently, a botched surgery. Being a Police Officer, however, opened my eyes to the needs of the community and where I truly belonged... Education. 


I am currently employed in Orange County, serving as a teacher to incredible 4th Graders who are eager to learn everyday. I returned to teaching after more than a decade as an administrator wherein I served the communities of Charlottesville, Louisa, and Madison.  I know what it takes from the inside out to fix our fractured Education system in Virginia. My career in Education has truly shaped me with regard to readiness for public office and addressing the needs of families across the 28th District.

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Support Mike Allers for Virginia senate!

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